Ramme Fjordhotel – in the heart of Munch’s kingdom

About the hotel

42 rooms

At Ramme fjordhotell, no details are left to chance and our guests can be sure that there is a conscious thought behind every choice. Here, our guests live in their own little ecosystem, and with great art and cultural offerings literally right outside the door.

Ramme has been developed and is owned by investor and art enthusiast Petter Olsen. His fingerprints are inextricably linked to Ramme, which is reflected in everything from the eco-philosophy around which the area is built, to art experiences, private antiques, design and architecture. Petter Olsen also has the largest collection of Edvard Munch paintings in private ownership and a separate Munch museum. Our greatest artist also lived at Ramme for a number of years.

Only half an hour’s drive from Oslo City Centre, lies Hvitsten and the exclusive cultural destination Ramme fjordhotell


Ramme has a diverse history from the Ice Age to the present day. Since the first people came to Ramme in the Stone Age, the fjord and the natural landscape have formed the basis for livelihoods and sustenance.

Møinichens Sanatorium

Statement from Petter Olsen – after the sale of the Scream, May 2012

The Scream for me shows the horrifying moment when man realizes his impact on nature and the irreversible changes that he has initiated, making the planet increasingly uninhabitable.

Petter Olsen



42 hotel rooms
Art and culture
Free Wi-Fi


Single room, double room, de lux
or superior room
Free Wi-Fi
Separate toilet and shower/bathtub
Hair dryer
HC adapted

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