History – from the Ice Age to today

Ramme has a diverse history from the Ice Age to the present day. Since the first people came to Ramme in the Stone Age, the fjord and the natural landscape have formed the basis for livelihoods and sustenance. With the steam engine, Vestby and Hvitsten became accessible by train and passenger boat. Hvitsten became a recreation site for visitors from Kristiania (now Oslo). Several well-known artists and literati visited and settled in Hvitsten during the summer. This will form the basis for our exhibitions and communication offers.

Norway’s most famous painter, Edvard Munch, lived and worked at Nedre Ramme for a number of years from 1910. His time there is little known in Norwegian art history, despite the fact that he painted several of his magnificent works here. Archaeological excavations at Ramme in 2012-13 have revealed new knowledge about this period in his life and work. This will be brought out and communicated through our cultural offerings and exhibitions.