Havlystparken, an art gallery, the wagon remissen or a farm visit

At Ramme, from the opening in 2020, we will offer tours to groups and companies, and to children and young people. You can choose between three different hikes in our airy surroundings.
Ramme picture gallery
Welcome to an exhibition of art, inspired by and created in Hvitsten. Almost everyone from the heyday of Norwegian art was here, worked here and lived an artistic life here – Edvard Munch, Christian Krohg, Frits Thaulow, Oscar Wergeland, Hans Gude and Theodor Kittelsen, to name a few.
Every Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 – 16.00
Here you will find everything from the Norwegian to the exotic: Blomsteralle, herb garden, fruit and rose groves, meadow and arboretum. Everything is looked after by employees who work all year round to bring out the best nature has to offer in all seasons. The park also contains sculptures ranging from ancient times via mythology and classical style to our own time. Here you can experience works by artists such as Frans and Nico Widerberg, Peter Linde, Marian Heyerdahl and Per Ung. Haven has been the heart of Ramme’s cultural dissemination, with concerts and theater performances.
Guided tours on request
A walk on the farm with the farmer at Ramme
We have operated organically since 1986. All our food production takes place without the use of toxic pesticides and artificial fertilisers. We also take care of rare livestock breeds. We have a visitor area with farm shop and café, restaurant and tavern where you will get balanced dishes to Debio’s organic gold standard. Here you can buy vegetables and meat from the farm, as well as refreshments and simple lunch dishes.
Sundays at 12:00
The wagon exhibition
A unique opportunity to see a large selection of horse-drawn vehicles, which Ramme has had the opportunity to buy over many years. A journey back in time, to the 18th and 19th centuries, both in Scandinavia, but also to England, France, Spain and Italy. We exhibit treasures and treasures that have not been shown in Norway before. This is probably the largest and most comprehensive collection of wagons we have in Norway, which is available to the public.
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