Ramme Kro og Restaurant

In the middle of the farm yard is Ramme Kro & Restaurant. The dishes that are served here are natural, sustainable and nutritious. The menu will vary according to the season and what can be harvested on the farm. Here, the distance from soil to table is short. We are proud to hold Debio’s silver standard, which requires that at least 50% of the raw materials are organic.

Opening hours


  • Lunch 12:00-16:00
  • Dinner 18:00-20:00


  • 12:00-17:00 – extended lunch menu.
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The restaurant is debio silver certified

The menu adapts to the seasons

Food and food production are naturally important to Ramme fjordhotell. The food we serve is of a high standard and we use the fjord and the forest as our pantry. Most of the raw materials are produced at Ramme Gård, which is part of the entire Ramme area. We are very focused on ensuring that the raw materials that are not produced in the area are nevertheless short-distanced. We are debio silver certified, which means that 50% of all dishes are made from organic ingredients. With us, meat and fish are important elements in a healthy and well-balanced diet, but not necessarily the main ingredient.

Ramme Kafe & Gårdsbutikk

In the Diversen, you can buy organic vegetables from Ramme gård. There is a large selection of fruit and vegetables according to season.

Opening hours

  • Saturday – Sunday 11:00 – 17:00

Parties and weddings in fantastic surroundings

At Ramme, you will be able to arrange parties for most occasions. We will offer a holistic experience with everything from dining, accommodation and entertainment. You can choose indoor and outdoor function rooms. If desired, we can assist with the transport of the guests by horse and carriage, sleighs, vintage cars, bus and boat, helicopter or hot air balloon!

The dishes served with us are organic and balanced. They base themselves on the products of the farm and the surrounding area. The menus will be composed based on the season. With us, the distance from farm to table is short.

As before, we will offer a large selection of cultural activities, concerts and theatre. You will get a tour of our exhibitions in the museum, Havlystparken, architecture and farm tour and the themed tour Munch på Ramme.

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