Villa Munch

4 double room
From NOK 120 000,-

The restoration of Edvard Much’s villa – Muncheramme – is now complete, and we are ready to welcome our distinguished guests. Waiting for them is a unique experience where renowned artist Edvard Munch lived and worked from 1910 to 1944. To enter Munch’s home is also to step into his world: Hopefully, our guests will experience the same peace of mind as he did here. The villa is beautifully situated at the eastern shore of the Oslo Fjord, where clear waters invite to a swim. The house was built in Châteauesque style, and after full refurbishment it now appears in renewed splendor.
Guests may arrive here by car, boat or by air.

Edvard Munch´s Self Portrait against Yellow Background, 1915, and Sitting Nude, 1913, in Villa Munch © Per Sollerman
Beneath the Red Apples, 1913 - 1915, in the gound-floor bedroom © Pe Sollerman
The veranda with views out to the Oslofjord ©Per Sollerman