Ramme Kro & Restaurant

Until Easter, open only by advance booking

Our restaurant is Debio Silver certified.

Located in the middle of the courtyard, Ramme Kro & Restaurant is a central part of Ramme fjordhotell. Here, we serve dishes that are natural, sustainable, and nutritious, with a menu that varies according to the season and what can be harvested on the farm. With a short distance from farm to table, we take pride in maintaining Debio’s Silver Standard, which requires that at least 50 prosent of the ingredients we use are organic

Contact us +47 64 9832 01 | post@rammefjordhotell.no

Lunch at Ramme

Saturday- Sundays 1100 – 17.00

At Ramme Kro & Restaurant, all of our dining establishments are committed to meeting Debio’s Silver Standard for organic food. This means that at least 50 prosent of the ingredients we use are organic.

Our menu choices are carefully composed with a focus on products from Ramme Farm and other selected local producers.

When you visit us, you will be served a daily diet consisting of balanced dishes with a focus on seasonal vegetables. Meat and fish are important ingredients, but they may not necessarily take center stage.

Our dishes are fresh, healthy, and delicious. There is a short distance from farm to table here!

Suppe med gode råvarer

Ramme Café & Farm Shop

Wednesday – Sunday 11.00-17.00 (14 Aug – 8 Oct)

In Diversen, you can enjoy the opportunity to purchase fresh, organic vegetables directly from Ramme Farm. Here, you will find a wide selection of fruits and vegetables that vary according to the season.

09 Oct – 17 Dec
Saturday – Sunday 11.00-17.00

Events and Weddings in Stunning Surroundings

Both Indoor and Outdoor Event Venues

At Ramme, you can host events for any occasion and have a comprehensive experience with dining, accommodation, and entertainment. We offer both indoor and outdoor event venues and can even assist with guest transportation – whether it’s by horse and carriage, sleighs, vintage cars, bus, boat, helicopter, or even hot air balloon!

Our dishes are organic, balanced, and based on products from the farm and the local area. Menus are tailored according to the season, and we prioritize a short distance from farm to table.

In addition to our events, we offer a wide range of cultural activities, concerts, and theater performances. You can also take a guided tour of our museum exhibitions, explore Havlyst Park, join an architecture and farm walk, or experience the exciting “Munch at Ramme” themed tour.

Havlyst park at Ramme
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